Khaki Campbell Ducks & Eggs

I watched a YouTube video about making $2000 a month raising 25 ducks and the wheels started turning.

So I figured if we had 50-60 ducks, maybe we can make something happen with that.

I should mention that I have always had a thing for ducks. Their quacking reminds me of laughter and I respect their independence.

We also have a creek running around half of our ONE INSANE ACRE and our legendary SLUGS have been nowhere to be seen since we started raising ducks. At least on the back half of our property where they reside

The first thing we had to do was to get a better incubator and I didn’t have a lot of money for some of the “High Falootin” models we saw.

I like to shop locally when we can and I knew the only store in Forks with incubators carried the same model, like our old one we had problem with. The temperature was all over the place.

We live sixty miles from the nearest bigger town but I figured, at best I’d end up buying a model, probably made in China, that they charge me too much for so I might as well order one from Amazon.

The model we chose holds forty one eggs and after about a week I was so impressed by my unit’s ability to lock in the temperature and control the humidity as well as the very simple countdown timer.

So we ordered a second unit and loaded it up with twelve chicken eggs and twenty nine more duck eggs.

In about a week the first incubator will be finished with it’s first cycle and I will load it up again with another forty one Khaki Campbell eggs.

Khaki Campbell Duck Project