CRYPTO PAGE 1 – Coinbase

We started our crypto ball rolling by signing up with COINBASE and purchased a bit of crypto just to get the feel of it. We had some research into the cryptos we purchased beforehand.

After signing up with Coinbase.com and the overall ease combined with Coinbase’s REPUTATION I noticed they had a good referral program. If you click on my links here you’ll notice in the COINBASE URL that my name is attached.

I clicked through to Coinbase.com via a link on a 3rd party created page, something like “How to buy Holo”. After joining I recieved an internal message from Coinbase as well as an email advising that I’d recieved $10 BTC to our portfolio at Coinbase.

NOTE: This did not occur simply for joining but, rather, when my spending reached $100. I wasn’t there to just kick tires.

Another cool feature is that there is a gob of videos there you can watch and after completing a short quiz on that video, you earn various cryptos. In our case being NOOBS we were already watching lots of YOUTUBE VIDEOS (which I highly recommend) but the YouTube videos don’t pay me to watch them.

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